Remodel the way to collect your payment

With DigitalPay A Consolidation Paymnet Platform .


01.Creat an account

Digitalpayment gateway enables businesses in Saudi Arabia to accept online payments . Create your online website, share payment links and start collecting payments

02.Attach bank accounts

Maximum modes of payment | Supports Net banking, Credit, Debit Cards, UPI etc. Secure | Easy Set-up | Start Accepting Payments Now With Digitalpay Payment Gateway.

03.Send money

Digitalpay is a full stack payments solution. It helps Saudi Arabian businesses accept and send money and is used by 50,000+ businesses for vendor payouts.

Why choose Digitalpay online plateform

A smart, powerful, advanced and very innovative payment gateway that you need for your business.

Online Invoicing

The Online Invoicing feature provides any SME merchant to accept payments online.

Multi Currency Support

Digitalpay Offers a wide range of currency acceptance across the globe.

International Card Acceptance

Cross border transactions are the pivot of Digitalpay. We enable merchants having customers outside Saudi Arabia to accept international payments.

Quick Deposit of Funds

All transactions are routed to our local Nodal account and then transferred directly to the merchant bank account registered with us.

24/7 Support

Our support team ensures that the merchants get the required support quickly so as to enable them to focus on their business.

Digitalpay services worldwide

Help agencies to define their new business objectives and then create professional software.

Money Transfer

Bank deposit

Online Shopping

Online payment

Charging and Collection Automation

On Time and Smooth Billing with Automated Invoicing with pre-arranged formulae for figuring contribution. Coordinated Payment Gateway, gives inhabitants different decisions for instalments, moment receipts are created, programmed bookkeeping sections are made. Online Defaulter Follow-up alternatives help Increase your Collection.

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General Ledger

Start to finish Accounting from characterizing Chart of Accounts to age of Trial Balance and Final Balance Sheets. Track cost of utilities and solicitations in your Apartment Complex.

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Cost Management

Is the Maintenance due energised to inhabitants making for your Expenses? What are the territories of most extreme spend? The Budgeting Module and Extensive Expense Reports, causes in offering perceivability to costs and better strategize thoughts to diminish costs.

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Coordinated Payment Gateway

Paynet has coordination with many significant installment doors in different topographies. This empowers Apartment, Condo or Villa Owners and Tenants to effectively make installment for duty, in a hurry, from the Paynet App. Moment receipts are created and Dues get cleaned up. Office Booking, Move in/out charges, Festival ticketing should all be possible effectively through Payment Gateway .

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Utility Tracker

Arrangement and Maintaining Separate Billing of Utilities like Piped Gas, Water, Electricity, Diesel Generator, and so on.

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